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All things Heat Protectant by Melissa Bustamante

  Heat protectant the ABC’ s and 12 3’s  By Melissa Bustamante   “Your hair is the  ballgown  that you never take off. “ - Jo  Robertston Without a doubt even with  having “all the things” and the best of the best hair  products in our  stockpile, it always goes  that we  need to add a little heat to  manage and style our  hair.  Whether  you’re   taming your  curls, blow drying  for  volume, or straightening for a  clean loo k, there’s a hot tool for every  need.  Keep in mind that with  repeated use of hot tools without a heat  protectant can  bring about unwanted havoc to that  beautiful  ballgown !   This is how it happens: y our hair strands have an inner  cortex (filled with water molecules and keratin)  and  an  outer  cuticle, which is smooth and shiny. When you apply heat to your hair, you evaporate the water molecules and crack the outer cuticle, damaging your hair leaving it frizzed and dried,  breaking  and  brittle , as well as, leaving it vulnerable to future damage.   No

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