Monday, February 15, 2021

Brow Bomb by Sanity Stylist Brandi Michel

 What is eyebrow lamination and how does it work?

If you aren’t familiar with the treatment, you can basically think of eyebrow lamination as the secret to getting high-shine and ultra-full brows. Although lamination has been around for quite a while, it’s recently shot into popularity (the thousands of #BrowLamination pics on Insta are proof) as a noninvasive (and less permanent) alternative to microblading for people that don’t want that kind of commitment. Brow-laminations are great for filling gaps, adding definition, and giving the illusion of more hair to sparse brows.

Even though eyebrow lamination is often described as a “perm for your brows,” it’s actually the complete opposite. Eyebrow lamination is a three-step treatment meant to straighten out the brow hair. 

The whole treatment—including consult, shaping, and trimming— takes about 45 minutes(an hour if you add a tint and wax). The end result is brows that basically look selfie-ready. If the sleek, pin-straight look isn’t your vibe, dont worry because the treatment doesn’t stiffen or lock your hair into place. The will be softer after you are able to wet them 14 hours later. Your new brow lamination will last about eight solid weeks after treatment. Brow Tint usually last 2-4 weeks. 

Thank you @cosmopolitan for helping me explain Brow Lamination the best way possible. Your article last year was very detailed and explanatory. 

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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Hair That SHines like a Diamond by Jennifer Boutwell

 Who wants their hair to shine bright like a diamond? ⁠As a stylist I hear from many of my clients that they want their hair to be shinier more lustrous. First we must look at the things you are doing to compromise the integrity of the hair. If you use heat tools daily, unhealthy diet or have chemical services done to the hair then the following tips are a must to achieve that beautiful glossy looking hair. ⁠

Tips to having shiny hair⁠

⁠* Use a shampoo/conditioner that hydrates and has ingredients such as avocado oil or olive oil will.⁠

⁠* A blast of cool water- this helps close the cuticle which will allow light to reflect off it appearing to be shinier. ⁠

⁠*Use a hair serum or oil - One of our favorites is Redkens Oil for All⁠

⁠* A healthy diet full of greens and fish (Vit A, Vit C and omega-3 fatty acids will support shiny hair)⁠

* Drinking half your body weight in water (shiny hair is an added bonus for this one)⁠

* Invest in a weekly hair treatment (we love Pureology Hydrate Superfoods Treatment) - restore your natural balance of moisture.

⁠* Have your colorist add a glossing treatment (Redken Shades E Que is our favorite)

Start today with some of these and watch your hair transform back into a shiny diamond. 

Monday, January 11, 2021

Personal Growth by Jennifer Boutwell


Self improvement, bettering your best, self development, self growth it all starts with the desire of wanting to be better today than you were yesterday. It’s not something that just happens, it’s something that you need to want and then you need to work for it. 
How do you start improving and bettering your best? 
Start with changing things in your life that will give you amazing habits to become that better person that you want and desire. For me personal development is something that I love ❤️. There are several habits that I have cultivated to constantly improve. I start off by choosing something to work on and add it to my routine. I cultivate that particular thing for an entire year until it becomes a habit. 
A few years ago I started the practice of choosing a word or words 
at the beginning of each year. Something that I want to work on or something that I would like to be better at. 

Intentional and recharge were my 2020 words. 

Little did I know that 2020 would give me time off to completely  recharge and develop some skill sets that I needed to work on. I put on my schedule daily time to refuel my mind body and spirit. I also learned that intentional was the perfect word for me. Everything I did  in 2020 has to be done with intention. Being truly focused on being intentional in all aspects of my day allowed me to be a better leader and person. 

 Now to decide what my words for 2021 will be; 

A month ago a friend of mine told me that I was the most graceful warrior that she knew. She said that I handle each obstacle or battle with professionalism and Grace like a true warrior. 

 When I think of a warrior I always think of Wonder Woman. I always thought wonder woman exemplified grace in every battle. For someone to see me as a Graceful warrior well it lit my heart on fire. I knew that my word for 2021 definitely needed to be graceful warrior. I will face each challenge in 2021 like a Graceful Warrior. 

My second word for 2021 is moments. Life is made up of defining moments: highs and lows. Those defining moments either make or break you in life. My goal is to create defining moments for the people in my life and myself. Create/find moments that teach lessons, defining moments that inspire others, defining moments to help someone to see who they could be, defining moments that lift someone up. 
Here’s to creating defining moments in life with the character and grace of a Graceful Warrior. 

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Living Your Best Hair Life by Cheryl Thiaville

 How to Live your Best Hair Life!

- Schedule regular trims

These ensure your hair is growing out at it's healthiest. If you have breakage, the only way to fix it is by cutting it, or it will continue to break up the hair.

- Buy Salon, Professional Products.... Professional products are made of higher quality ingredients and contain less "filler." Buying from our salon also supports our salon, and makes sure that you are getting the product that's best for your specific hair.

- Rebook (especially during the holiday season) The busiest times for our salon are the weeks leading up to the holiday season, so if you want in, it's important to book those ahead of time. Also, it keeps you looking your best all-year-long.

- Bring in photos for reference

While some photos are mostly filter, extensions, and a different hair type than yours, it's great to have reference points during the consultation.

We are waiting to help you live your Best Live your Best Hair Life!!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2020

Good Bye Dandruff By Stylist Brandi Michel

 I’m going to talk about something none of us like.....DANDRUFF! Those pesky little white flakes make me want to go nuts and the itchy scalp, DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED.

I personally suffer from severe dandruff. Sometimes my scalp is so irritated I wish I could rip it off, it itches so bad. I’ve had this for years. I’ve tried everything and for me nothing would soothe my scalp or control it. This stuff has been a life saver. When I have a bad flare up I use this and it instantly relieves the irritation and itching, while minimizing my flakes. Now I will say my hair feels amazingly clean after I wash it it but because of my hair being color treated it feels extra dry before conditioning. I follow up with Pureology Nano works conditioner so I can truly hydrate and revive my hair. These two products together have my hair and scalp feeling brand new.

This specialized dandruff shampoo with pyrithione zinc gently cleanses hair and soothes the scalp, leaving hair light and airy with a beautiful shine.

Dermatologist-tested for safety

Pyrithione zinc helps combat dandruff and its symptoms

Leaves scalp clarified and relieved.


Apply to wet or dry hair, massaging into scalp.

Leave on 5 minutes. Wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly.

For best results, use at least twice a week or as directed by a physician. Can be used daily.

For intensive care, apply to dry hair and massage into scalp. Leave on 5-10 minutes. Wet hair, lather and rinse. 

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Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Sanity with Heart and Soul

Like everyone else my amazing Salon Sanity Team is learning how to navigate Covid 19. We were so excited to be able to return to work on May 16 so that we could do what we love- make you look and feel beautiful. 

Before all of this started we had our first ever Sanity Retreat scheduled. To be honest I almost cancelled it due to covid however something in my gut said not to. I am so glad that I listened to my gut. The last eight weeks has brought out the best and worst in people. However, here is what I know- My salon team has went above and beyond following every restriction mandated on us and the result is a safe environment for you and them. With the restrictions came different long hours, no additional help, less stylist working,  more cleaning guidelines, team members leaving our company, and learning to work with no break room.. And don’t forget learning to work with a mask 😷. All of that said they have been champions over the last eight weeks and deserved some TLC
Some of the salon team spent two days decompressing, learning, recharging. laughing and celebrating.  There is something so special about watching people come together to build each other and support each other.  Let me just say watching team members fish, crab and get in a boat for the first time as well as those who have done it their whole life was the highlight. We worked hard and played hard. The team was dedicated to finding ways that we could improve our systems so that your guest experience is better than before. 

Congratulations to the following team members on their promotions:
Demi Pleming promoted to Front Desk Team Leader 
Megan Boudreaux promoted  to Level 2 Stylist 
Courtney Jensen promoted to Level 1 Stylist
We celebrated anniversaries 
5 years- Keyla Alvarado
10 years- Brandi Michel and Kaylin Scheuermann
Congratulations to our Employee of the Year- Megan Boudreaux
Congratulations to all of those who won awards for various achievements. 
Thank you to the amazing Leadership team for making sure everything went smoothly. Thank you to Gavin Salsbury for sharing his wisdom with us and helping us discover the positives of covid19 (more to be revealed on this— YES THERE ARE POSITIVES). 
The retreat would not have been a success without some amazing food. Boy did we eat great: pasta, taco bar, salads, brownies, and more . Thank you to my ride or die bestie for being there to make breakfast, lunch and dinner. Lisa Percle you have a huge heart and I am blessed to call you my friend. 
Thank you to Mr. East for letting us use your beautiful estate in Pass Christian, Mississippi. You were a fabulous host and made sure the house had everything we needed❤️
Thank you to Desiree Phister at F&D Sales for the great swag. 
Now we are back ready to serve with heart and soul🥰

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Goodbye March 2020 by Jennifer Boutwell

Dear March 2020,

What can I say about you?

You will forever be known as the month that put the entire Country into quarantine due to Covid-19. 

You will be known for forcing all children to be home schooled. 

You will be known for shutting businesses down across the nation. 

You will be known as the month that cancelled weddings, graduations, conferences and vacations. 

You will be known for the month that took all of the toilet paper, hand sanitizer and soap.

Here is what I will remember about March:

I got to dance with my niece and nephew like no one was watching at the TTown Fest before quarantine. 

I went to the state of Nebraska for the first time. I realized I have to go back for the College World Series. The state of Nebraska LOVES the LSU Tigers as much as I do or at least that is what every Uber driver told me. #lsubestfansever

I will remember you as having quality and quantity time with each of my boys. I will remember you as the month that I was able to spend time each day teaching my son how to drive. 

March you were the month that I actually dissected a bill passed by Congress and took more webinars on it than I can calculate 😳

March you were the month that my servant leadership was taken to the next level. You taught me how to be a better leader for my team, my accounts and the professional beauty industry. 

March you will be known as the technology month. More than 75% of the nation learned how to use zoom and google classroom. #positiveprogress 

March I will remember you as the month that I went back to cooking everyday and having dinner as a family. ❤️

March I will remember you as the month that my teenage boys had to communicate with me more than ever. 

I will remember you as the month that I potty trained GUMBEAUX 🐶 

I will remember you as the month that all of my SSBC accounts came together in one place and participated in zoom meetings😊

I will remember how the SSBC team worked tirelessly providing information and leading us through the Crisis. 

March is the month that my amazing Salon Sanity team took our culture to the next level with daily text, education and inspiration. You will be remembered as the month that we welcomed baby Sawyer to the SS family. 

March as much as people will say you sucked I will have to say I have found a whole list of things that I am grateful for.  Nevertheless I would like to say Goodbye March 2020 and hello April.. ☀️