Thursday, November 1, 2018

Say Goodbye to Flakes

“The truth on Dandruff”

There’s no way of sugar-coating it: Dealing with dandruff is no fun.

Flakes, or an itchy dry scalp…the condition can be seriously uncomfortable, not to mention maybe a little embarrassing. Happily, all it takes is the right dandruff shampoo to get rid of it!!!!    Keep reading to learn how to fight those flakes.
As annoying as dandruff is, the good news is that it’s easy to treat! The Scalp Relief Dandruff Control Shampoo by Redken contains that superstar ingredient, plus hydrating glycerin and soothing lavender for your scalp. A unique interbond scalp system carries these important ingredients and helps them bind better to the scalp and the hair. Guys dealing with dandruff (if that’s you, you’re definitely not alone, as one in two men are looking for dandruff control products) will appreciate the new Brews Anti-Dandruff Shampoo. It also contains that all-important pyrithione zinc, and also helps control flakes, itching, irritation, and scaling.
If your dandruff is mild or you’re just trying to prevent flaking, use it twice per week. To treat more intense dandruff, use daily.
Either way, be sure to massage the dandruff shampoo into your scalp—after all, that’s the area that needs it—and let it sit for about five minutes in order to give the pyrithione zinc enough time to knock out.
Sanity Stylist Cheryl

Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Add a little H2O in Your Life by a Salon Sanity Team Member

          Why drink Water? Does it affect your hair? Skin? Nails?

Do you drink enough water? Did you know that the amount of water that you drink each day matters? While many people don’t take this into consideration, water intake can determine the health of your hair, skin, nails and normal bodily functions. 

Humans are supposed to drink about 8 eight ounce glasses of water a day to provide the body with essential hydration. The reasons for many problems people have with their hair and skin can be attributed to a lack of water intake.

Some of the positive effects of a normal water intake are listed below.
  •   Cells that are provided with enough water will assist in strengthening hair and providing essential nutrients throughout the body.
  •   Normal water intake can reduce dry skin. This includes dandruff, chapped lips, and cracking skin. While the effects are not immediate, over time the dry skin will heal as long as water intake stays constant
  •   Water can assist with flushing the body of chemicals.
  •  Normal water intake can assist with digestion and bowel movements.

In conclusion, healthy water intake can lead to an overall strong body, which will promote healthy skin and hair. Without the necessary water, this can lead to a body plagued by the lack of exposure to water. Drinking water in conjunction with good haircare and skincare products can give you that radiant look.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Airbrush Makeup WHY? by Jamie Nguyen

Why Airbrush Makeup?

What is airbrush makeup? Airbrush makeup is the key to those stunning, beautiful, glowing model shoots that are in glamour magazines you see every day.

Why is it better than traditional liquids or powders? The biggest difference between airbrush makeup and traditional makeup is the way that it is applied. Instead of the rubbing, patting, and brushing of makeup onto your skin, airbrush makeup is applied by spraying a fine mist onto the surface on your skin for a perfect coverage. Since the airbrush makeup just sits on just the surface of your skin it will not clog pores or cause an allergic reaction. Blemishes are concealed and your skin tones will glow. Airbrush makeup offers flawless coverage, without looking or feeling like you are wearing makeup. Unlike your traditional liquids and powders, it is also sweat and water-resistant!

An airbrush makeup system is comprised of a compressor, hose, and airbrush makeup gun. The compressor supplies the makeup gun with air through the hose and the speed at which the air comes out of the compressor can be varied.

The makeup that is used in airbrush makeup system is very different from traditional makeup. You are not able to use traditional makeup in an airbrush makeup system. Airbrush is liquid makeup and has a finer pigment size than most other makeup. It can also be either water-based or silicone-based. The airbrush makeup is fast drying and will last the entire day without smudging and rubbing off on your clothes! Airbrush makeup tends to look more natural as well.

Airbrush makeup versus traditional comes down to personal preference. Some of our makeup artist love airbrush and others like the traditional application. No worries if you are not a fan of airbrush makeup it’s okay because Salon Sanity offers both. Stop by and speak with one of our Pros to see what they recommend for you

Until next time gorgeous! XOXO