Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Best Hair Secrets by Cheryl Farman

Best Hair Secrets Revealed - Hair Washing

• Try washing your hair at night before bed and then sleeping on slightly damp locks, so no matter what hair texture you have, the air-dried, slightly slept in look is a winner.

• Stuck in a hair plateau? It may be your products’ fault. The hair is alive – a creature of habit. Once you find a cleansing and conditioning agent that works miracles on your strands, guess what — that feeling won’t last for long.  Shock the strands by switching up cleansing and conditioning agents at least every 4 to 6 weeks or every other bottle.

• Washing your hair every day can take away nutrients that help keep it manageable. Instead, a few times a week, just wet your hair in the shower without shampooing. Apply a conditioner, rinse out and follow with a leave-in.

• Determine your washing regimen by checking the oil level of your hair. To do this, run an open napkin through your hair after a day or two of not washing it and with hardly any product in your hair. If the napkin looks oily, consider washing your hair four to five times a week and not using a leave-in conditioner. If there’s hardly any oil, then wash hair every three days and use a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner.

• Avoid extra hot — and extra long — showers. The hotter your shower is, and the longer it lasts, the more your hair is stripped of natural oils that keep frizz at bay and locks shiny and lush. Lukewarm water is your friend!

• Another hair-washing tip: Make sure to use a wide tooth comb or a wet brush , detangling your hair from the bottom and slowly working your way up since hair is in its most delicate state wet. This will prevent unnecessary breakage from occurring.

• Always shampoo your hair twice for a ‘hair facial.’ That’s right — twice! First shampoo to remove grease and dirt, then shampoo again to cleanse the hair. Follow by conditioning to moisturize your hair.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How Often Should Uou Cut Your Hair by Cheryl Farman Sanity Stylist

How often should you get your hair cut???

We’ve all heard the old standard haircut rule of every six weeks. So we decided to get to the bottom of things once and for all because everyone wants to know:

How long can a style hold up? Do infrequent trimmings take a toll on your hair’s health? And is there a one-size-fits-all rule for everyone to follow? These are all questions asked by many!!!
Scroll through to find out the verdict!

If you have a short, structured cut…

We say between every three and five weeks. If you have a specific style, like a bob with bangs, then you probably need to get your hair cut every three weeks to keep the look precise and polished. This is based on the fact that your hair usually grows about half an inch  per month. More frequent trims are a must to maintain the style and shape of your shorter ’do. But if you’re more laxed  about your look, then you may be able to stretch that to four to five weeks.

If you have healthy medium to long hair…
And let us repeat...... healthy!!!!

We say that getting a trim at least every two months should suffice. “If you have generally healthy hair that isn’t damaged and you’re keeping it mid-length to long, it needs less cutting than shorter styles. We recommend  just to dust the ends and touch up layers.”
But even for long, healthy styles, you need to base your decision off of how good you want your hair to look. “When you like to have your hair longer than your shoulders, layered or not, and it’s been longer than three months, your shape has completely grown out, and you’re ready for a new one.”

If you have long damaged hair…

We recommend visiting the salon at least every six weeks. “If your hair is more prone to split ends or you have had a lot of chemicals done, trimming every six weeks will help keep your hair healthier ,”

If you have naturally curly hair…

We recommend at most 12 weeks between cuts. "Ideally, We would recommend 6-12 weeks for anyone with wavy or curly hair, while coil-y, tight curls and kinky patterns could wait as long as two months for a trim. If your hair is colored or heat damaged We would advise to check if the hair needs cutting every time you are having it colored to avoid over processing the ends."
“Textured hair tends to naturally be quite dry and crave moisture.” As such, we recommend 12 weeks between cuts but stress the importance of time between washes: “The best number of days will vary from person to person, but every two to three days might be good for wavy hair; every three to seven days good for curly hair; and every seven days or possibly longer for coil-y and kinky hair.”

The Bottom Line

There’s no one answer, but depending on your hair and what your end goal is, there is a sweet spot that’s perfect for you. “Two key factors when wondering [if it’s] time for a cut are as basic as this: 1) Can you no longer achieve the styles you desire? And 2) are the ends of your hair visibly damaged?”

When you start to approach the three-, eight-, or 12-week mark, ask yourself those questions. If you answer yes to either one, head to the salon......