Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Thin Hair Tip by Cheryl Farman

*Thin Hair Tip*

Thin hair can be tricky, especially when trying to find the right look to enhance every strand and give the illusion of full thick hair. Below are tips to achieve just that.

Get the right haircut. Unfortunately if you have thin hair you're pretty limited to the types of cuts you can get. The beat haircuts for thin hair are blunt, short, and long layers. If the hair is texturized too much or given too many layers this will cause the hair to look even thinner. When our eyes see a straight line our brains automatically think weight and structure. Creating that blunt, strong line along the perimeter of the hair will give the appearance of thicker, stronger hair. Great example is a bob.

Get highlights. This may sound counterintuitive with thin hair, but hear me out. I'm not saying to go crazy and fry your hair with all over highlights, but getting a beautiful Balayage from a stylist who is gentle and experienced with thin hair can do wonders. When the hair is highlighted, the cuticle is getting slightly roughed up. This gives the hair some texture and volume, creating the illusion of fuller and thicker hair. You will also notice your hair should hold curls and styles longer with a few highlights in there.

Invest in a good volume spray such as Redken's Guts!!!!  I love love love Redkens Guts Volumizing Root Boost! Before you start to blow dry, spray the root boost at your root and crown area and massage into your hair. Don't go over board as you don't want to weigh the hair down, but enough so you feel a slight bit of texture as the hair drys. Flip your head over and dry the hair in the opposite direction it grows for added volume. Once the hair is 80% dry, section your hair and style it smooth with a round brush. 🙌🏼 #salonsanity #redken