Friday, June 17, 2016

Curly Hair in the South by Cheryl Farman

How to handle curly hair on rainy, humid days

If you live in the south, a place where there are quite a lot of rainy days each year, you certainly know the challenge of handling curly hair on such days. Whenever it rains there is a lot of humidity, causing curly hair to look extra-frizzy. The number one rule to fight frizz on rainy days is to keep your curls moisturized! This way they don’t need to get the moisture from outside (which is what causes them to be frizzy).

Now that is easily said, but can be quite a challenge. Therefore I would like to describe what I mean by keeping your curls moisturized:

If you haven’t already done so: Stop using products which contain silicones and/or sulfates. This way your curls can better absorb and lock in the moisture. Start using Redkens newest line for curls of many form "Curvaceous" . The entire line is Sulfate and Paraben free.
Use the Curvaceous Curl Refiner to condition  and prime the hair before styling your curls. Use more of this product  than you would on a sunny day. Use a defining gel like  Curvaceous Spiral Lock or
Curvaceous CCC Spray  and make sure to use enough of it to keep that frizz away for a whole day.
Don’t be so hard on yourself (or your curls) – rock your curls also on a rainy day and accept that your curls will look a bit more frizzy and voluminous on rainy days.