Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reserve Your Next Appointment by Cheryl Farman

The importance of Pre-Booking your Next Appointment

During your visits to Salon Sanity, you’ve most likely heard your Sanity artist ask you if you’d like to “pre-book” your next appointment before leaving. If you’re not accustomed to booking your appointments in advance that way, please read ahead – this information is for you!
The reason we recommend pre-booking is three-fold:

1. Setting yourself up for success. This is an important one. By booking your next appointment
before you walk out the door, you can be assured that your first-choice appointment date and time is available. You can also be sure that your Sanity artist will have more than enough time to accommodate all of your needs without trying to squeeze your appointment into a requested
time slot. This makes for the absolute best service possible and creates a situation that sets your Sanity artist up to give you perfect results every single time you visit the salon.

2. No more hair rage! We’ve all been there – it’s been way too long since you were last in, and your outgrowth can no longer be camouflaged, or your hair will just not “lay right” anymore.
By booking your appointment in advance, your spot will be secured and you can get in right on schedule to freshen your color or get your hair cut. Your Sanity artist can recommend the best amount of time in between visits to get the most longevity out of your hair without getting to
the point where you wish it was appropriate to wear a baseball cap to a fancy dinner.

3. Money in your pocket. Perhaps the best motivator of all: you’ll accrue Loyalty points on your
Salon Sanity Guest Rewards account each time you pre-book before checking out. This translates into money saved for you by doing nothing but scheduling an appointment! If you’ve got any questions about your Guest Rewards, we will keep you informed!

We Suggested pre-book times for various services*:

Short hair (cut only) – 4-6 weeks
Long hair (cut only) – 6-8 weeks

Color service (for gray coverage) – 4-6 weeks
Color service (no gray coverage) – 6-8 weeks

Smoothers and Keratins. 8-12 weeks

Facial waxing – 2-4 weeks

*These are general estimates only. Your hair artist can recommend specific times that will best suit
your needs.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Haircut Prices by Sanity Stylist Cheryl Farman

Q: Why is a full haircut the same price as a trim?

This is a question that your Sanity Artist has been faced with since our very first experiences in cosmetology school: “Why do I pay the same for a brand new, much shorter style as I do for a quick trim?”

It’s a good question, and it makes sense as to why this is confusing for a lot of people. The basic reasoning behind this is that both processes take the same amount of time and effort. The consultation may be a bit more involved for a complete overhaul of your current look, but the actual cutting and styling time is the same.

When your Sanity Artist cuts your hair, they cut the length and any layering throughout the entire head. They will often do finishing work on the hair after it’s dry as well to make sure everything is blended nicely and looking its best. No matter if a cut is brand new or a tried and true, this process is the same.

Because service prices are directly tied to the amount of time it takes to perform them, the cost of the service is just the same. Here at Salon Sanity our prices also vary due to the demand on the stylist's time.

So there you have it! A concrete answer for a very common, very old question. 😊