Friday, January 22, 2016

Foils or Balayage

Foil Highlight or Balayage?
How to Choose Blog by
Salon Sanity Stylist Cheryl

Did you know? There is actually a difference between traditional foil highlights and a balayage?
The term “balayage” derives from the French and actually means “to sweep” and this coloring method emerged from Paris in the 1970’s! C’est intéressant! A balayage is a creative highlighting technique in which the hair color is painted on in such a way that creates very natural-looking highlights without developing a noticeable or obvious root. Many celebrities and modern models showcase this technique more, and due to extremely high demand and current trends, most salons now offer this low maintenance service. Many guests love this service because it is “for those who don’t want to come in every 6-12 weeks to get their hair foiled to the root. This can be done as little as twice a year if that’s how low maintenance the guest wants it.” Many guests do get their balayage touched up and lightened as often as a traditional foil highlight, but the time you wait in between appoints is completely up to you, your specific hair needs, and what is in your beauty budget.

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Out with the old and in with the new? Not exactly! A balayage is NOT for everyone. Many guests do love the uniform look of foiled highlights, and they know exactly just what to expect every time.
All of our Hair Artists here at Salon Sanity do agree that this technique is more fun to apply, and makes it more of a custom look in your hair because you don’t share your hair with anyone else.
The process of the balayage goes as such: the color is LIGHTLY applied at the base/ top half of your head and it subtly gets much heavier as the color moves down to the ends of your hair.  As your hair grows out, your roots are lightly concealed for a few months from the color that was lightly applied to your base. A balayage can range from something very subtle (1-3 hair color levels) or more dramatic (3+ hair color levels) based upon the look you are wanting to achieve. A balayage is not only for blondes, and can be applied to brown, red, and other creative hair colors based on consultation as well.
If you are interested in booking an appointment for a balayage, or if you have any additional questions on anything you read, please give us a call at 504-393-1014 . Our friendly and kind Guest Services Team would love to help you in any further way! We also offer online booking and if you would like to book your balayage service