Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving by Salon Sanity Stylist Cheryl Farman

During this holiday season and always, we are very thankful for you and want you to Look Exceptional with Salon Sanity!!!!!

There are a few simple steps you can take to look great this entire Holiday season. With just a little planning, you can breeze through the Holidays!!!!!

The key here is the plan. NOW is the time to sit down with your calendar and get your plan in place so you have one less thing to think about as the shopping and the inclement weather get into full swing!

The first thing to do is plan your next TWO hair appointments and get them on the appointment books. That’s right, the next two haircut (and color) appointments, as that will get you through to the new year. Remember, we recommend booking a conditioning treatment with your cut and color, as the drier winter environment will have it’s effect on your hair. It’s also time to adjust your shampoo and home conditioning routine. As the seasons change, so should your hair care products.

When your hair lacks moisture it doesn’t bend and flow, which takes extra time and effort in your morning styling routine. Achieving volume, curl and style takes much more work. This added stress and heat simply makes your hair’s problems worse, not to mention being frustrated with your styling results and unhappy with how you look all day. Get your hair reconditioned in the salon. It’s kind of like flossing, you’ve just got to do it for the best results in the long run. Book your next two salon appointments.

Next, it’s party planning time! Yes!

Most of us have a work related Holiday Get-Together, whether it’s our own or our spouse’s or both! Mark your calendar!

Next up, mark your family and friend’s Holiday gatherings, and finally, your New Year’s Eve plans! Call the salon and book your Holiday styles for the events where you want to look your absolute best!

Our Team of Sanity Stylist know the perfect party style begins with your outfit. That’s right, the clothes you will be wearing should be a major influence in your Party Style! It’s all about balance! When wearing smooth, silky clothing, your hair should flow as easily as the flow of the silky fabric. When your outfit is textured, smooth silky hair won’t work, however curls and styled texture will bring your look in balance.

Let’s not stop there! We’ll want to know about your clothing neckline. A high neckline visually closes up your appearance and needs to be counter balanced with an open forehead area. Wearing fringe (bangs) with a high neckline is tricky to get right, so leave it to the pros! Fringe is usually balanced nicely though with a lower neckline.

Styling hair is an art unto itself. Professional hair designers spend their time thinking about hair and hair styles all day every day, while you go about what you do in your life. They are real experts. How many times have you had your hair styled and said, “Wow, I never thought I could look this good!”.

There is your complete Holiday Style Plan. Get your next two hair cut, color and reconditioning appointments on the appointment books. Your important gatherings are made simpler when you let the pros style you to make you look like “the belle of the ball”!

You’ll make a great impression on everyone when you look your best, feel confident and relaxed that you’ve got your plan in place! Oh, one last thing, you’ll love the compliments!

Make your plan today! Then don’t delay, call today and get the most convenient times for your personal Holiday schedule!

Happy Holidays from all of us at Salon Sanity!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hair Glazing by Salon Sanity Stylist Cheryl Farman

"Hair Glazing Treatments to boost your hair color"

You did it – you finally found the perfect color for your hair. Or maybe you were just born with it…lucky. Whatever the case, there’s still something you can do to bump up that perfect color just that much more, and it won’t take a huge investment of your time to do it.

Hair glaze treatments are the perfect way to bring back that amazing shine to over processed hair, or any hair that just needs that bit of zing to get it back on track. Even better, a good glaze treatment will also make your hair softer and less prone to breakage and add phenomenal shine that’s naturally present in your hair but is likely to have been depleted from coloring and processing.

A glaze treatment typically requires only about a half an hour of your time. The glazing product is brushed through the hair and is followed up by a shampoo and conditioner. Add in your usual style, and you’re good to go.

Your hair will be twice as shiny and soft as it was before you walked into the salon, and it will stay that way for up to 30 shampoos. It will also help protect that perfect color you finally found, making it last longer too. If your hair is damaged, either from heat styling techniques or a long summer of fun in the sun, a glaze treatment will smooth out your hair’s cuticles and help it resist breakage.

Our team of pro stylists here at Salon Sanity can help you find the best treatments for your hair to keep it looking its best in the cool weather to come. And with their expert post-treatment advice, you’ll keep on looking great for longer. For an appointment, we can be reached at 504-393-1014 or see us at the salon at 1700 Belle Chasse Hwy Suite 110A, Gretna .

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Why Red Hair Color Fades by Cheryl Farman, Salon Sanity Stylist

Why does "RED HAIR COLOR" fade so fast?

This is a question that comes up frequently in the Salon. I hope that this explanation will shed some light on the subject. All artificial color fades over time, reds fade more quickly than the rest of the color palette.

Ahhh, the anomaly of red hair color — we go for reds because of their richness and vibrancy, and yet, they are the colors to fade and dull the fastest. Sigh...

Why does this infuriating phenomenon happen? A scientific explanation does, in fact, exist. You see, red hair molecules are the smallest of the hair color molecules which makes it easiest for them to penetrate the hair cuticle (yeay!), but also the easiest to exit the hair cuticle (nooooo!). This explains the immediate luscious vibrancy we achieve when we color our hair red and the quick fading of said color.

Because reds fade fast, We like to do anything in our power to conserve it as long as possible. I add Redken Shades EQ Clear Gloss all over wet hair after I shampoo color out. I leave the gloss in for 10 minutes, rinse it out, then condition hair with Redken Color Extend conditioner. (Side note-I love Redken Shades EQ and use it for glossing and toning religiously. Their translucent formulas are perfect for adjusting your color to the perfect tone, and the lather their colors provide allow for full easy coverage.) The clear gloss not only adds shine, but also traps the color in the hair for a longer period of time. It’s not magic — your color will eventually fade, but it preserves it longer.
I also recommend that you don’t wash your hair daily. And when you do shampoo it, make sure you're using one of Redkens or Pureology's sulfate free formulas....The fewer washes, the fewer chances the water and minerals in it can remove your reds. Also, though it may be painful, washing your hair in cool/cold water will also help to maintain your color.

To keep your red looking like it did when you left the salon, you have to get your hair colored more often. Visiting the salon every 4-6 weeks, that’s just what has to happen in order to maintain your desired color. Even though the upkeep may be more, the beauty and exciting hues that reds provide are simply delicious. You are a vivacious woman, you delightful redhead, so keep that sexy confidence and vibrancy going!

   Another thing to consider is that the very bold, intense colors that are popular with some of our younger guests are only designed to stay in the hair for eight to ten shapooings. So, if you are looking for a more permanent color they are not a good option for you to choose.
   The bottom line is, you will never be able to keep your hair color from fading but it is my hope that by taking this advice it will slow the process down so that you can enjoy your color for a longer period of time.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Makeup and Nail trends by Cheryl Farman

Lips, Nails and Eyes!
9 Trending Makeup Colors for
FALL 2016

While it’s tough to say goodbye to summer weather, fall 2016's makeup trends are easy to get excited about. Rich, velvety shades of red, versatile violets, and dramatic black—all easier to love than your go-to pumpkin spice latte! From the tips of our fingers to the tops of our heads, here are some on-trend colors to wear this fall.

I haven’t been brave enough to wear this season’s dark lips yet. But when my friends do, I think it looks awesome! These three are popping up as the most popular lipstick colors for fall 2016:
1. NARS Scarlet Empress
2. MAC Cunning
3. MAC Violetta

Nothing feels sexier than nails that are neatly painted dark red, burgundy or purple. And, while I love both short and long nail-lengths, it helps that these beautiful, rich shades look especially great with a shorter manicure that’s easier to maintain. These three colors are especially hot this fall, and are an inexpensive way to keep up with the seasons sultrier looks:
1.  MAC Nail Lacquer Vintage Vamp
2. CHANEL Vendetta
3. OPI Regally Yours

If you’ve got brown, green, or hazel eyes—this season is your time to shine! Fall’s trendy dark eyeshadows have tints of red, bringing out the gold or emerald hue in your eyes. While I’m not brave enough to pair a burgundy eyeshadow with burgundy lips, it’s certainly a bold statement and fitting for the color changing season!
1. FIERCE MAGENTA Sinful Burgundy
2. SMASHBOX Cabernet
3. MAC Deep Damson

Now that you’re armed with a list of fall’s hottest hues and products, make like the leaves and change up your makeup! You’ll join the ranks of confident fashionistas in no time.

What are some of your favorite beauty products this fall? Thanks for reading and comment below!

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Platinum State of Mind by Cheryl Farman Salon Sanity Stylist

A Platinum State of Mind

With warmer weather comes lighter hair, and now is the perfect time to start protecting your new summer look! Say goodbye to the brassy effect that the sun leaves behind, and say hello to Perfect 4 Platinum, a system designed to help fragile, highlighted and highly lifted hair retain its fresh-from-the-salon vibrancy. With a set of Perfect 4 Platinum shampoo and conditioner, your lighter locks will stay healthy and bright all summer long!

While many products out there claim to maintain the lighter look, the majority of those products come with the added cost of dryness or damaged-looking hair. Perfect 4 Platinum shampoo and conditioner work to restore and fortify fragile hair with a moisturizing, salt-free formula. This helps detangle and smooth hair while perfectly protecting the color. The natural ingredients make color stripping a thing of the past, as they work to nourish and soften blonde hair.

Perfect 4 Platinum includes breakthrough strengthening technology with protein-rich keravis, plant extract of chamomile to soften hair, plant extract of lemon to brighten the color, and the nourishing plant extract of coriander. The formula works to restore and protect for a longer-lasting, truer and cooler blonde hair color. Pick up your Pureology Perfect Platinum products at Salon Sanity.

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Wedding Day by Cheryl Farman

Wedding Hair Tips and Tricks Every Bride Must Know

Ah... your big day is coming up! Congratulations! Chances are, you've got all your Pinterest boards set up with wedding hair, dresses, flowers, and decor inspiration. How exciting! Now it's time to actually bring your perfect wedding vision to life.

Saying 'yes' to the dress can definitely be hard but sometimes, deciding on a hairstyle can often be even harder. Let's face it, your wedding day is NOT the day you want to have a bad hair day!

In this post, we will share our favorite tips and tricks to ensure a stress-free, great hair day at your wedding. If you're a bridesmaid, a wedding guest, or mother of the bride and groom - keep reading!

Picking the right wedding hairstyle

Do you want to have your hair up in an updo? Wear it down in soft waves? Maybe a half-up braided hairstyle? Wedding hair options are endless! Before you decide, let's take a deep breath and consider a few key factors first:

What's your dress like?

Your hair shouldn't be competing with your dress. It should complement it. If your dress is simple, it's safe to go with a more dramatic hairstyle. If your dress is an extravagant ball gown full of sparkly details, maybe consider doing a more subtle yet elegant updo. If your dress has a gorgeous open back design, then a side pony or braid would be ideal.

What's the weather like?

If the wedding takes place inside or during cooler climates, it's safe to go for those gorgeous cascading curls or any other hairstyle of your choice. But if you're getting married in a hot, humid climate? Definitely go for a more put-together hairstyle like an updo, where you won't need to worry about the frizz and the hair sticking to your back. You will thank yourself on your wedding day!

What's your hair length and volume?

It's easy to fall in love with a Pinterest hairstyle, only to find out that your hair isn't nearly long or thick enough to pull it off. In this case, consider only looking for hairstyles that can be done on shorter hair. Otherwise, thankfully, you can wear hair extensions to achieve that perfect hairstyle of your dreams.

Do a trial run ahead of time

Once you've decided on a hairstyle that you like, we can't stress how important it is to do a trial run with your hairstylist! Only when recreating the style in real life do the little "oh no"s come out. Is your hair long enough for it to be safely secured all day? Do you have enough hair to make the hairstyle look as voluminous and impressive as the photo you've seen? Does it even look good with your hair texture and face shape? It's always better to address these last minute surprises ahead of time, instead of stressing out the week (or even worse - the day) before!

Tip: Bring a visual to your hairstylist

Providing your hairstylist with photos of exactly what you're looking for will help avoid any miscommunications and misunderstandings. After all, everyone's idea of the perfect soft waves or updo is completely different. Time to whip out that Pinterest board you've spent countless hours creating ;)

Do NOT get a haircut right before your wedding.

We cannot count the number of times we hear about something like this happening:

It's definitely not something you want to happen right before the big day (but if it already did...DON'T PANIC! Hair extensions to the rescue!). Plan ahead and trim your ends a few months before the wedding day for healthy looking hair, and be sure to keep your locks nourished until then .

One last and most important thing to remember is that your wedding is YOUR day. YOU decide what will make you feel happy and beautiful. If that means leaving your hair as is or rocking the simplest hairdo, so be it. As long as you feel happy and beautiful on the inside, you will be the most lovely bride on this planet.

What kind of hairstyle are you thinking of for your big day? If you're already married, what kind of hairstyle did you have? Did you have it professionally done? We'd love to hear your stories! Share them in the comments below.

Friday, June 17, 2016

Curly Hair in the South by Cheryl Farman

How to handle curly hair on rainy, humid days

If you live in the south, a place where there are quite a lot of rainy days each year, you certainly know the challenge of handling curly hair on such days. Whenever it rains there is a lot of humidity, causing curly hair to look extra-frizzy. The number one rule to fight frizz on rainy days is to keep your curls moisturized! This way they don’t need to get the moisture from outside (which is what causes them to be frizzy).

Now that is easily said, but can be quite a challenge. Therefore I would like to describe what I mean by keeping your curls moisturized:

If you haven’t already done so: Stop using products which contain silicones and/or sulfates. This way your curls can better absorb and lock in the moisture. Start using Redkens newest line for curls of many form "Curvaceous" . The entire line is Sulfate and Paraben free.
Use the Curvaceous Curl Refiner to condition  and prime the hair before styling your curls. Use more of this product  than you would on a sunny day. Use a defining gel like  Curvaceous Spiral Lock or
Curvaceous CCC Spray  and make sure to use enough of it to keep that frizz away for a whole day.
Don’t be so hard on yourself (or your curls) – rock your curls also on a rainy day and accept that your curls will look a bit more frizzy and voluminous on rainy days.

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why Rebook your next Appointment? By Cheryl Farman

The Importance of Pre-Booking.

It always happens. You wake up one day and realize that your hair or skin's in need of some immediate attention. So, you call the salon and the receptionist answers with a perky greeting- you can hear the smile in her voice. Then she says “I’m sorry, your stylist doesn’t have any availability for the next month.”

That’s it. Instant panic mode. Of course, your weekend is ruined. Your life is over. You need to get it done now. Or else you’re just going to look like a ragamuffin for weeks! So you settle in a chair with a phone book, frantically calling other salons.

But why? Why call another salon? Your stylist has your formula. Your stylist knows you- your lifestyle, schedule, job, kids, husband, remembers your birthday and treats you like a queen. Why turn your back on them, when its really not their fault that they are in high demand, and that they are talented and have a loyal clientele. Actually, you should take pride in having a stylist who is good, and whose work turns heads all over town.

Truth is: you could have pre-booked and you wouldn’t have been in a hairy situation (No pun intended. Well, maybe- but it was funny!). Not only does pre-booking keep your stylist in the know, on time, and things running smoothly, its more convenient for you. You invest in your hair and skin on that initital visit. You obviously loved it enough to keep coming back. Now why lose all of that?

There are lots of reasons not to: “life as well as schedule changes too frequently”, “my hair and skin are not a priority”, “I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, let alone in six weeks!”

We, as stylists, get it. We really do. However, if you wait five weeks and need to be seen no later than five weeks and one day every time- then you know one thing: you should be pre-booking every five weeks! What happens is that you end up waiting too long, and have to be ‘squeezed in’. Then, your appointment is rushed, and it actually takes longer than just regular maitenence might. So, truth is, your hair is definitely a priority if you get frazzled at the sight of gray hair and need to get in to fix it pronto.

Its so important for you to treat yourself when kids are running all over, you’re grocery shopping, cleaning, working. You deserve it. Rebooking assures that you get your well deserved time in the chair. Besides, once its on the family calendar- it will stay! If its far in advance, and you are worried you might forget- we give you several reminders.

The most important thing you can do is prebook your appointments. It keeps everyone on schedule and your hair and skin looking their best. And you will get extra loyalty points for doing so!!!

At Salon Sanity we can even create standing appointments up to a year in advance, so you will never be stuck again!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Balayage by Cheryl Farman

The truth about BALAYAGE.

If you’re one that has heard of balayage but still aren’t sure of what it exactly is, or if it’ll work with your hair, I’m here to bring you up to speed. The definition of balayage is literally, “sweeping.” I’m sure you’ve seen the effect just walking down the street on many women. You may have tagged a style to your stylist because you loved the sweeping effect of how the models hair lightened down the length of her hair so subtly and it looked naturally highlighted from the sun.

Instead of letting the sunrays fry your hair, we expertly do the sun’s work. Our Sanity Stylist take a small section of hair and actually sweeps the color onto the top then uses a brush to apply more color toward the bottom. By using this method to lighten the ends, it gives not only the stylist more control but creates the perfect sun-kissed highlights that you’re looking for.

It’s not just for blondes. There’s a misconception out there that this process is just for blondes. Brunettes and redheads can enjoy a balayage for multidimensional color as well. It’s also a smart solution for gray hair because it’s easier on your hair than a single solution that’s only needed for a few stray grays while allowing the stylist to specifically target gray strands without touching the scalp.

Yes, curly hair looks amazing with balayage. Yes it’s true! No matter the color of your curly locks, this technique gives a natural and sexy effect. You can use thick and thin sections in a variety of colors to enhance your curls and make them sparkle.

Come as you are. I’ve seen many clients wash their hair before coming into the salon. No need if you’re adding highlights with balayage. The natural oils in your hair help to protect the scalp.

If you have any questions about any of our coloring options or would like to book a balayage, we can always be reached at 504-393-1014 . 🌺
Thank You!!!!!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Reserve Your Next Appointment by Cheryl Farman

The importance of Pre-Booking your Next Appointment

During your visits to Salon Sanity, you’ve most likely heard your Sanity artist ask you if you’d like to “pre-book” your next appointment before leaving. If you’re not accustomed to booking your appointments in advance that way, please read ahead – this information is for you!
The reason we recommend pre-booking is three-fold:

1. Setting yourself up for success. This is an important one. By booking your next appointment
before you walk out the door, you can be assured that your first-choice appointment date and time is available. You can also be sure that your Sanity artist will have more than enough time to accommodate all of your needs without trying to squeeze your appointment into a requested
time slot. This makes for the absolute best service possible and creates a situation that sets your Sanity artist up to give you perfect results every single time you visit the salon.

2. No more hair rage! We’ve all been there – it’s been way too long since you were last in, and your outgrowth can no longer be camouflaged, or your hair will just not “lay right” anymore.
By booking your appointment in advance, your spot will be secured and you can get in right on schedule to freshen your color or get your hair cut. Your Sanity artist can recommend the best amount of time in between visits to get the most longevity out of your hair without getting to
the point where you wish it was appropriate to wear a baseball cap to a fancy dinner.

3. Money in your pocket. Perhaps the best motivator of all: you’ll accrue Loyalty points on your
Salon Sanity Guest Rewards account each time you pre-book before checking out. This translates into money saved for you by doing nothing but scheduling an appointment! If you’ve got any questions about your Guest Rewards, we will keep you informed!

We Suggested pre-book times for various services*:

Short hair (cut only) – 4-6 weeks
Long hair (cut only) – 6-8 weeks

Color service (for gray coverage) – 4-6 weeks
Color service (no gray coverage) – 6-8 weeks

Smoothers and Keratins. 8-12 weeks

Facial waxing – 2-4 weeks

*These are general estimates only. Your hair artist can recommend specific times that will best suit
your needs.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Haircut Prices by Sanity Stylist Cheryl Farman

Q: Why is a full haircut the same price as a trim?

This is a question that your Sanity Artist has been faced with since our very first experiences in cosmetology school: “Why do I pay the same for a brand new, much shorter style as I do for a quick trim?”

It’s a good question, and it makes sense as to why this is confusing for a lot of people. The basic reasoning behind this is that both processes take the same amount of time and effort. The consultation may be a bit more involved for a complete overhaul of your current look, but the actual cutting and styling time is the same.

When your Sanity Artist cuts your hair, they cut the length and any layering throughout the entire head. They will often do finishing work on the hair after it’s dry as well to make sure everything is blended nicely and looking its best. No matter if a cut is brand new or a tried and true, this process is the same.

Because service prices are directly tied to the amount of time it takes to perform them, the cost of the service is just the same. Here at Salon Sanity our prices also vary due to the demand on the stylist's time.

So there you have it! A concrete answer for a very common, very old question. 😊

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Wanted: Platinum Blonde by Sanity Stylist Cheryl Farman

Q: What does it take to go from jet black to platinum blonde?

It’s not as easy as it looks.  The first thing to take into consideration is the potential damage your hair will face (even when done by a professional).  When lightening hair this dark to a platinum blonde, it can take anywhere from 2 to even 7 all over lighteners. Yikes!!!

Patience is key to achieve this look, patience.  We unfortunately live in a fast-paced world where we want everything now, but when it comes to hair, baby steps is the best…that is if you still want to have hair on your scalp!

Here is an easy way to explain it to our guests about the hair lightening process: think of your hair as an onion.  An onion has layers, so the lighter you want to go, the more layers you are taking off.  The more layers you take off, the finer and weaker the onion gets until you’re left with just the inner portion of the onion with nothing outside to protect it.

The first time you lighten your hair it will turn out red or orange…yes orange.  Don’t be scared!  This is all part of the process.  Red and orange are the underlying pigments of black, so by lightening the hair you’ll expose them.  After your first lightener session, your hair will probably start to feel super dry.  Hydration and conditioning will be key!

Alright!  Time for your next lightening process.  Now you’ll be more of an orange-yellow, and even drier.  Depending on where you started, there is also still a possibility that you won’t be blonde at this point.

And now!  Time to talk about haircut.  Ahhhhh We know!  At times we get scared to cut our hair but a few inches will also make your hair feel and stay healthy.  The ends of the hair are always the most damaged.  This can be due to any hot tools you use (especially when your heat is too high – check out a blog about that here) or just dead ends.  By cutting off the damaged ends, you’re preventing that breakage from working its way up your hair.

It’s important to stick to the schedule your artist recommends.  This is to ensure that your hair stays healthy and there are no complications or banding (uneven color) as times goes on.  The heat from the head makes lightener work faster, and it becomes very difficult to achieve an even color when the outgrowth is so far that it’s not being affected by the “hot zone”.

Lastly, products: it’s very important to protect your investment!  A process like this can cost you a few hundred dollars and you don’t want it to go to waste.  So listen to your hair artist.  We are looking out for you.

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Thermal Ironing Tips by Salon Sanity Stylist Cheryl Farman

Thermal Settings:

Q: How hot should my thermal tools be when I’m styling my hair?

Every head of hair has a certain amount it can sustain. When you select a heat setting on your flat iron, curling iron, or wand, consider the thickness of your hair; you wouldn’t use a toothpick to hold up a boulder, just like you wouldn’t use a 450 degree flat iron setting on fine, chemically-treated hair. The finer the hair, the lower the temperature. That doesn’t mean to instantly opt for the highest setting because you have an extra thick lion mane. Listen to your hair, work with it – not against it.

At Salon Sanity, we carry products that can aid in heat styling by protecting your hair. We have products like Redken's IronShape 11, Redkens Pillow Proof EXPRESS Treatment Primer and Pureologys 21 Essential,  that make styling easier and prevent topical overheating and damage to your hair.

Here’s a quick guide:

– If you have fine/damaged hair, you should iron below 300 degrees (low setting).
– For normal hair, you can flat iron anywhere between 300 and 380 degrees (medium setting).
– For very thick/coarse/extra curly hair, your hair can be flat ironed anywhere between 350-400 degrees (high setting).

Have you ever noticed your hair looking like it has white paint or round, white bulbs at the ends a few weeks after your get your hair cut?  This is damage from heat styling and means that your tools are too high!!!Listen to your hair, work with it – Keep your hair happy!!!!πŸ˜€

Thanks for your interest on this topic.  Keep following Salon Sanity for informative blogs that will  have you looking beautiful in no time!!!!❤️

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Choosing the Right Bridal Style by Sanity Stylist Kaylin Scheurmann

With an asymmetrical neckline, or single-shoulder gown, there are a couple of captivating hairstyle option. Side-swept curls or a braid will cover your bare shoulder and balance the neckline, whereas updos will focus attention on the stylish cut of the dress. We like a mussed beehive, which integrates volume and glamour while contrasting with the gowns architectural lines. Sweep your bangs off to one side, to mirror the dress's shape.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Communicating with your Salon Sanity Stylist

What Can I Do To Help Describe What I Want To My Sanity Stylist?
 Blog by Salon Sanity Stylist Cheryl Farman

Q: What can I do to help describe to my Sanity Stylist what I want?

Bring In a Photo

Photographs are the easiest way to communicate with your stylist.  With all of the social media resources like Pinterest, it’s easier than ever to find exactly what you want.  Save tons of photos to your phone or bring them in so you can show your Hair Artist your idea – whether it’s a color, a cut, or both.  This way you’ll be on the same page and you can avoid any confusion.

Show Your Stylist

“About two inches” or “just the ends” may mean something completely different to your Hair Artist than it does to you.  Your best bet is to use your fingers to show exactly how much you want cut and where.

Talk About Your Lifestyle

It’s important to be honest with your stylist about your lifestyle so they can provide you with the right look.  Are you a more “wash and go” kind of person?  Or do you have the time and skill to style your hair every morning?  Where you work also has an impact on how you present yourself and is important when considering a style change.

Ask About Products

Pay close attention to what your Hair Artist uses during your appointment.  Ask about what their preferences are and offer yours.  This way, your stylist can come up with a combination of products that works best for your hair type and structure.

Ask Questions!

Most importantly, don’t be shy about asking questions!  The more your stylist knows, the better they’ll be able to fulfill your requests.  Make sure you know exactly what your Hair Artist intends to do with your hair and don’t forget to tell them what you like and dislike in a haircut and color.  This will arm the stylist with all the information they need and will allow you to leave with a smile on your face. πŸ˜€

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Color fading

What Makes Your Color Fade After Coloring and How Can You Stop It?  Blog by Salon Sanity Stylist Cheryl Farman
Hair grows an average of a half inch per month. For some people, their hair grows faster than this while others’ hair grows slower. For those people whose hair grows quickly, color touch ups might need to be as close together as three weeks, while those of us with slower growing hair can go as long as eight weeks. Because of how fast your hair grows, you may think that your hair color is washing out, but in reality your hair is just growing and you need another root touch up!
If you notice your hair color fading after only a few days, however, there may be another culprit.
In order to keep your color longer, you need to make sure that you are taking care of your hair correctly. Permanent hair color is absorbed into the cuticle of your hair, altering the pigment inside. In order to keep your color longer, you will need to keep your cuticle healthy. The cuticle of your hair naturally lays flat in a scale-like form; you could say they act just like shingles on a roof. Just like how a hurricane is bad to your roof’s shingles, sulfates, high Ph levels, sun exposure, and hot water can all cause your color to fade by opening your cuticle.
It’s important to follow these steps to keep your color looking vibrant for as long as possible:
Try to avoid washing hair in extremely hot water. This opens up the cuticle, allowing the color to slip out and appear faded.
Make sure to use products that protect your hair from environmental factors like pollution and the sun. Some favorites are Redken Color Extend Magnetics and all of our Pureology line is sulfate free!!!
Avoid sulfates. They act as a detergent and aside from shampoos and conditioners, can also be found in things like engine degreasers and floor cleaners. Sulfates were originally added to shampoos in the 1940’s and 50’s when women didn’t wash their hair often. They needed extra “cleansing” that we don’t require today, and in reality will just strip the color right out of your hair and can even irritate your skin.
You can rest assured that all of the products at Salon Sanity will protect your hair color from the fading process. Ask your Sanity Artist which at-home care product will work best for you if you’re unsure!!!!

Friday, January 22, 2016

Foils or Balayage

Foil Highlight or Balayage?
How to Choose Blog by
Salon Sanity Stylist Cheryl

Did you know? There is actually a difference between traditional foil highlights and a balayage?
The term “balayage” derives from the French and actually means “to sweep” and this coloring method emerged from Paris in the 1970’s! C’est intΓ©ressant! A balayage is a creative highlighting technique in which the hair color is painted on in such a way that creates very natural-looking highlights without developing a noticeable or obvious root. Many celebrities and modern models showcase this technique more, and due to extremely high demand and current trends, most salons now offer this low maintenance service. Many guests love this service because it is “for those who don’t want to come in every 6-12 weeks to get their hair foiled to the root. This can be done as little as twice a year if that’s how low maintenance the guest wants it.” Many guests do get their balayage touched up and lightened as often as a traditional foil highlight, but the time you wait in between appoints is completely up to you, your specific hair needs, and what is in your beauty budget.

highlights, balayage, foil highlight

Out with the old and in with the new? Not exactly! A balayage is NOT for everyone. Many guests do love the uniform look of foiled highlights, and they know exactly just what to expect every time.
All of our Hair Artists here at Salon Sanity do agree that this technique is more fun to apply, and makes it more of a custom look in your hair because you don’t share your hair with anyone else.
The process of the balayage goes as such: the color is LIGHTLY applied at the base/ top half of your head and it subtly gets much heavier as the color moves down to the ends of your hair.  As your hair grows out, your roots are lightly concealed for a few months from the color that was lightly applied to your base. A balayage can range from something very subtle (1-3 hair color levels) or more dramatic (3+ hair color levels) based upon the look you are wanting to achieve. A balayage is not only for blondes, and can be applied to brown, red, and other creative hair colors based on consultation as well.
If you are interested in booking an appointment for a balayage, or if you have any additional questions on anything you read, please give us a call at 504-393-1014 . Our friendly and kind Guest Services Team would love to help you in any further way! We also offer online booking and if you would like to book your balayage service