Thursday, October 15, 2015

What Type of Hairstyle Should I Have with My Face Shape

Have you ever wondered what you would look like with bangs, a bob or a pixie cut? Facial shapes play a big part in this. Salon Sanity Team member Cheryl Farman has put together some clues on helping you decide what will look best on you:
If you have a round face look for the following:

asymmetrical styles- a round face looks really great with an uneven
cut, meaning a mix of lengths. Also if you add a deep side part and
long side sweep bang, your face will look even slimmer. You can use a
finishing wax to coax and keep the bangs to the side such as the
REDKEN'S Shape Factor 22

Long Layers- if you want to wear a center part, the way to make it
work is to have hair a few inches longer than your shoulders with
layers that hit the jaw line. Cutting it  a bit on the sides to create
subtle angles. Prevent short layers from frizzing which can add bulk
around your face by spraying it with REDKEN'S Triple Take 32 which
will control frizzes and will keep the hair in place.

Sleek Ponytails- an easy way to add definition is with a sleek
ponytail secured at or above the height of your ears.Keeping your hair
smoothed opposed to big and bouncy, which can add bulk. We recommend
running the Pureology Smooth Perfection Shaping Control Gel through
the hair to keep it sleek.

Piecey Bob- the key to wearing hair above the shoulders is styling it
imprecisely. A soft layered cut intentionally mused. Use a thickening
product such as Pureology's Pure Volume Blow Dry Amplifier and round
brush on damp hair to add a bit of movement and wave.

Defined Pixie- try a pixie that is defined with pieces which help to
emphasize the cheekbones up with this cut. Spray it with REDKENS Wax
Blast 10 to add definition and add texture.

Angled Bobs- try long dramatic layers that sweep along the chin and a
shortening of the hair as you go back to the nape of the neck. This
cut gives you structure and angles. The hard lines of it balance out
the soft lines of the round face.  Use a volumizing mouse such as 
REDKEN'S Guts 10 to add body at the roots for extra slimming but be
wary of adding any to the sides of the face since that can widen your
facial shape.


Blunt Bangs- if your face tends to look long, straight bangs across
the brow line can help break up the length by creating the illusion of
width. Keeping the hair blunt with one or two passes of a flat iron.

Center Part- a center part on hair that's shoulder length or longer is
nice against an oval backdrop. To avoid looking too severe, add some
soft waves with REDKEN 'S Fashion Waves 07 Texturizing Seaspray. If
you want a bit more texture, wrap random sections around a large
barrel curling iron. This effect is incredibly romantic.

Bobs with Bangs- a collarbone grazing bob with side swept bangs help
break up a long face and add softness. Keep bangs in place by using
REDKEN's Quick Dry 18 Hairspray.

Short EdgyCut- perfect for oval faces. It's definitely a notice me
look if you are feeling daring go for it! There's something very sexy
and feminine about showing off  your neck and ears with such hard
lines . Use REDKEN's Wax Blast 10 to make it look piecey.


Thinned out Bob-a soft tapered bob that hits right around the chin
works well on a square face. add some texture to offset any severity
at the jawline

Tousled Shag- Go for  a shag with body to emphasize layers and to
de-emphasize squareness.

Wavy Ends- the waves from the ear on down help to obscure any
severity in the jawline. Use a large round brush to smooth hair then
spritz hair with a waving spray such as REDKENS Fashion Waves 07 Sea

Long and Straight-this softens square angles. A center part opens up
the middle of your face drawing attention away from the jawline.

bouncy bob- for a heart shaped face, hair that hits right below the
jaw helps fill in the area around the chin and it de- emphasizes the
triangle. To blur those lines even more, add a bit of body with  a
round brush to add volume.

Deep Side Part: with long hair start with a clearly defined side part
then add side swept bangs. The idea is to bring your eyes out.

Pixie with Side Swept Bangs- a pixie with a soft side swept bangs
soften any hard features. Finger comb a light cream such as Purology's
Smooth Perfection before going over it with a round brush and blow
dryer for smoothness.
Stop by Salon Sanity and have one of our team members help you pick that perfect style. Stay tune for more helpful styling tips from the team!