Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Hair Glazing by Salon Sanity Stylist Cheryl Farman

"Hair Glazing Treatments to boost your hair color"

You did it – you finally found the perfect color for your hair. Or maybe you were just born with it…lucky. Whatever the case, there’s still something you can do to bump up that perfect color just that much more, and it won’t take a huge investment of your time to do it.

Hair glaze treatments are the perfect way to bring back that amazing shine to over processed hair, or any hair that just needs that bit of zing to get it back on track. Even better, a good glaze treatment will also make your hair softer and less prone to breakage and add phenomenal shine that’s naturally present in your hair but is likely to have been depleted from coloring and processing.

A glaze treatment typically requires only about a half an hour of your time. The glazing product is brushed through the hair and is followed up by a shampoo and conditioner. Add in your usual style, and you’re good to go.

Your hair will be twice as shiny and soft as it was before you walked into the salon, and it will stay that way for up to 30 shampoos. It will also help protect that perfect color you finally found, making it last longer too. If your hair is damaged, either from heat styling techniques or a long summer of fun in the sun, a glaze treatment will smooth out your hair’s cuticles and help it resist breakage.

Our team of pro stylists here at Salon Sanity can help you find the best treatments for your hair to keep it looking its best in the cool weather to come. And with their expert post-treatment advice, you’ll keep on looking great for longer. For an appointment, we can be reached at 504-393-1014 or see us at the salon at 1700 Belle Chasse Hwy Suite 110A, Gretna .