Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Why Rebook your next Appointment? By Cheryl Farman

The Importance of Pre-Booking.

It always happens. You wake up one day and realize that your hair or skin's in need of some immediate attention. So, you call the salon and the receptionist answers with a perky greeting- you can hear the smile in her voice. Then she says “I’m sorry, your stylist doesn’t have any availability for the next month.”

That’s it. Instant panic mode. Of course, your weekend is ruined. Your life is over. You need to get it done now. Or else you’re just going to look like a ragamuffin for weeks! So you settle in a chair with a phone book, frantically calling other salons.

But why? Why call another salon? Your stylist has your formula. Your stylist knows you- your lifestyle, schedule, job, kids, husband, remembers your birthday and treats you like a queen. Why turn your back on them, when its really not their fault that they are in high demand, and that they are talented and have a loyal clientele. Actually, you should take pride in having a stylist who is good, and whose work turns heads all over town.

Truth is: you could have pre-booked and you wouldn’t have been in a hairy situation (No pun intended. Well, maybe- but it was funny!). Not only does pre-booking keep your stylist in the know, on time, and things running smoothly, its more convenient for you. You invest in your hair and skin on that initital visit. You obviously loved it enough to keep coming back. Now why lose all of that?

There are lots of reasons not to: “life as well as schedule changes too frequently”, “my hair and skin are not a priority”, “I don’t know what I’m doing tomorrow, let alone in six weeks!”

We, as stylists, get it. We really do. However, if you wait five weeks and need to be seen no later than five weeks and one day every time- then you know one thing: you should be pre-booking every five weeks! What happens is that you end up waiting too long, and have to be ‘squeezed in’. Then, your appointment is rushed, and it actually takes longer than just regular maitenence might. So, truth is, your hair is definitely a priority if you get frazzled at the sight of gray hair and need to get in to fix it pronto.

Its so important for you to treat yourself when kids are running all over, you’re grocery shopping, cleaning, working. You deserve it. Rebooking assures that you get your well deserved time in the chair. Besides, once its on the family calendar- it will stay! If its far in advance, and you are worried you might forget- we give you several reminders.

The most important thing you can do is prebook your appointments. It keeps everyone on schedule and your hair and skin looking their best. And you will get extra loyalty points for doing so!!!

At Salon Sanity we can even create standing appointments up to a year in advance, so you will never be stuck again!

Monday, May 2, 2016

Balayage by Cheryl Farman

The truth about BALAYAGE.

If you’re one that has heard of balayage but still aren’t sure of what it exactly is, or if it’ll work with your hair, I’m here to bring you up to speed. The definition of balayage is literally, “sweeping.” I’m sure you’ve seen the effect just walking down the street on many women. You may have tagged a style to your stylist because you loved the sweeping effect of how the models hair lightened down the length of her hair so subtly and it looked naturally highlighted from the sun.

Instead of letting the sunrays fry your hair, we expertly do the sun’s work. Our Sanity Stylist take a small section of hair and actually sweeps the color onto the top then uses a brush to apply more color toward the bottom. By using this method to lighten the ends, it gives not only the stylist more control but creates the perfect sun-kissed highlights that you’re looking for.

It’s not just for blondes. There’s a misconception out there that this process is just for blondes. Brunettes and redheads can enjoy a balayage for multidimensional color as well. It’s also a smart solution for gray hair because it’s easier on your hair than a single solution that’s only needed for a few stray grays while allowing the stylist to specifically target gray strands without touching the scalp.

Yes, curly hair looks amazing with balayage. Yes it’s true! No matter the color of your curly locks, this technique gives a natural and sexy effect. You can use thick and thin sections in a variety of colors to enhance your curls and make them sparkle.

Come as you are. I’ve seen many clients wash their hair before coming into the salon. No need if you’re adding highlights with balayage. The natural oils in your hair help to protect the scalp.

If you have any questions about any of our coloring options or would like to book a balayage, we can always be reached at 504-393-1014 . 🌺
Thank You!!!!!